12. Dezember 2017

Hello to those suffering and Mr. Grüttefien,

For the last six years I have been with a man who behaves exactly this way. Sometimes it is terrifying how insecure and afraid I feel. It never used to be like this. I am scared that he will do something to hurt me if I try to leave and we have a small daughter. Everyone says: “Don’t be afraid, just go! You are doing exactly what he wants by staying.” I have read the book and many of the comments. This has opened my eyes. Why do we put up with this kind of thing for so long? There were plenty of warning signs, but what holds us back, it makes you feel so trapped. There are always secrets, women, cheating, affairs.  And then he is Mr. charming again, just to stop me from going. It is all starting to make me ill. I hope I can make a change and thank you for the book.


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